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Cycling - A Vélo

Cycling Holidays in Burgundy, France
© Michel Joly

Whether you choose to make cycle rides from your base locally or go on a fully fledged cycling holiday, Burgundy has much to offer. You can plan your own route, go on a self-guided tour following a set itinerary, or a take a fully escorted trip.

Going It Alone

If you enjoy planning the route, going it alone gives you ultimate flexibility and a greater sense of adventure. You don't have the luxury of your luggage being transported for you but of course, you have far greater freedom of choice.

Taking your own bike

Cycling in the Vineyards and Villages Burgundy, France

France is a bike-friendly place and travelling on French trains is easy. There is a lot of useful information on this on www.velo.sncf.com. You can take your bike on trains marked with a bicycle in the timetable and some TGVs allow you to take a bike free of charge or for the modest sum of 10 euros..

Travelling from the UK on Eurostar, you can take a bike as part of your baggage allowance, providing that it is dismantled and packed in a bag no larger than 85 cm long. Between 85 and 120 cm long you need to use the registered luggage service, Eurodespatch which costs £10 each way from London or 15 euros from Paris or Brussels. Fully assembled bikes over 120 cm long, the cost is £25 each way or 29 euros from Paris or Brussels.

Ferries usually take bikes free, as do Air France and British Airways as part of your luggage allowance. Low cost airlines may charge you.

Bikes for hire


Bourgogne Evasion, Guided Cycle Tours with Wine Tasting Around BeauneBourgogne Evasion supplies high quality hybrid bikes at 18 euros a day with reduced rates for longer term rentals. They will deliver the bike and accessories such as helmets, to your hotel in the area or meet you at the Beaune Tourist Office with the bikes. Luggage delivery can also be arranged.

Mountain bikes are often available for rent from campsites and hostals. Local tourist offices also have information. Average cost around 16€ per day. The bikes may not be
insured, so check this out.

half and whole day guided tours in Beaune's vineyards

Bourgogne Evasion is also offering half and whole day cycling and walking tours through Beaune's vineyards with a wine tasting included. More...

self-guided cycling TOURS

Cycling Holidays in Burgundy, France
Photo: Hendrick Monnier

If you want all the headaches and planning done for you, so that you arrive on holiday, pick up a bike, follow the itinerary, and the accommodation is there waiting for you, then a self-guided tour is a good option. Your luggage is transported for you and you travel at your own pace, stopping off for a lazy lunch, to view a château or taste a glass of wine next to the vineyard. Discover France Adventures is a well established company offering cycling and walking tours in the Burgundy vineyards. More...

fully escorted tours

Fully escorted tours are another option and with a guide and mini-bus support, you can see a larger area, highlighting the most interesting routes in the region. French Cycling - their Burgundy programme starts around Chablis, takes you down to Beaune and finishes at Dijon. Butterfield and Robinson centre on Beaune and the famous vineyards with fine wining and dining en route.

Cycling Routes   Cycle Secret Burgundy

Burgundy is bicycle friendly with special routes along the canals and through the vineyards.


Specific loop routes through the Morvan Natural Park and the Côte d'Or.

Self-Guided Tours   Bike and Wine

Professionally planned and organized routes through the vineyards of Burgundy.


Enjoy Beaune's vineyards by bike with a wine tasting included. Well-priced guided tours - half and whole day.