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Maps of Burgundy's Rivers   The River Armançon

A general map of Burgundy's rivers, along with a detailed map of the rivers in Morvan.


The medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois and the Château of Ancy-le-Franc are just two of the treasures along the path of the Armançon.

The River Cousin   The River Cure

A small but exquisitely picturesque river with waterfalls and mills, a profusion of bird life, wild flowers and leafy dells.


From the lake district of the Morvan Forest, the Cure flows through château country and on to the valley below Vézelay.

The River Loire   The River Saône

A protected nature reserve, 20 km long on the Loire, aims to preserve this river’s reputation as ‘the last wild river’ in western Europe.


Animated and prosperous, the wine trade, tourist industry and commercial traffic use this major artery.

The River Serein   The River Yonne

Serene it most certainly is, flowing through the medieval villages of Noyers and Montréal, then on to Chablis.


From high up in the Morvan, through the lake district, the Yonne gathers strength as it heads for Auxerre, Joigny and Sens to join the Seine.